Friday, March 2, 2007

All Is Well

War, gang violence, kidnappings and child molestation, the nightly news can be as depressing as attending a friend's funeral. It's not all so bleak, however. Every now and again, that 24-hour cable conveyer belt bringing depravity and despair into our homes grinds to a halt and suddenly we are presented with a story that truly uplifts the human spirit.

Rats Overrun New York KFC/Taco Bell.

The exuberance of these reporters borders on glee.

What is it about this story that strikes such a chord in all of our hearts? I believe it is that rats are SUPPOSED to overrun KFC and Taco Bell. It is the way of the world. Nothing captures our collective imaginations like the beauty of nature. A bolt of lightening across a moonlit sky, a double rainbow, a monarch butterfly gracefully landing on a perennial, the first week of spring, the birth of a child... Rats at Taco Bell. To go so long without a story like this suggests something in the universe is amiss, as if the moon were to one day disappear from the night sky. Seeing those rats scurry across the filthy unwashed floor causes us to smile and sigh a breath of relief. The Gods are still in command of the universe, all is well.