Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daily Inspiration By Rex Larry Champion

Nothing is more rewarding than watching puny nancy boys get RESULTS. It's my passion. My life's work. These are classics and always an inspiration. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Breaking News: Patrick Kennedy Found Sober

File Photo

(Washington DC) Speaking on the condition of anonymity, staffers working for Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) informed Writing Rendezvous that Kennedy was spotted sober today. Staffers initially became suspicious after the distinguished congressman was seen walking in a straight line. After a series of meetings in which he failed to slur his words, they knew something was amiss. The smoking gun came directly after Kennedy cast a vote for Barney Frank’s amendment on H.R.3074: to the amazement of everyone present (and three or four elderly people watching c-span), Kennedy stayed on the floor rather than making his usual beeline to the men’s to take a swig from his boot flask.

“I couldn’t believe it. Patrick Kennedy was dry as a bone” one staffer relayed “At first some of us speculated that maybe he had a weird schedule, like he’d been partying all night and hadn’t been to bed yet. You know, like he was just waiting a few hours to start drinking again. But then we realized, it’s not like him to show up to work the day after hard partying. His breath didn’t even smell like liquor. To be honest, we were tempted to call the Secret Service because it almost seemed like he was an impostor. We heard that he was drenched in the sauce even when he was in rehab a few months ago. Patrick Kennedy without his hooch is like a fish out of water, we’re all very worried about him.”

This isn’t the first time a Kennedy has been found sober. One afternoon in 1971, Patrick’s father, Edward Kennedy was rumored to have been sober.


So A Rabbi And A Preist Go To The Dog Track

The Priest offers to buy the Rabbi a hot dog and the Rabbi looking surprised says "you know I can't eat that treif!" The Priest having anticipated this objection quickly shoots back "it's ok, they serve Hebrew Nationals here." The Rabbi appears satisfied with this response so he shrugs and says "sure, would you like me to buy you a hotdog Father?" The Priest looks down at his shoes and says "I must decline. Don't you know how much the eating of wieners has cost our diocese already?"

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ask Sasquatch

Q: You recently challenged four-time World’s Strongest Man winner Magnus Ver Magnuson to an arm wrestling match to raise awareness for the genocide in Darfur. Do you have any updates for us, what is going on with that?

A: I spoke with a representative from Magnus Ver Magnuson’s camp this morning and regrettably he has declined my offer. I’ve been brainstorming for months, trying to figure out how to best raise awareness for this important humanitarian issue, but it’s hard for an unstoppable powerhouse such as myself to find challengers. Before approaching Magnus, I had challenged Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut to a hot dog eating contest, but they declined as well.

Q: That’s a shame. Do you have any other ideas?

A: I have a tentative agreement to be Tucker Carlson’s dance partner for the new season of Dancing With The Stars, but that may pose problematic because Tucker is a heartless isolationist and I don’t want him to deflect the impact of my message.

Q: Sasquatch, when did you first become interested in humanitarian causes?

A: Existing in the world as a large ape-man, I have long known the sting of discrimination and persecution. It’s quite natural for me to side with the underdog. As long as there is injustice I will be angry. As long as there is war and famine and strife I will be there, fighting the good fight in whatever capacity I can.

Q: Do you have any heroes?

A: Edward R. Murrow gave me the courage to speak truth to power. Nelson Mandela taught me the value of perseverance and sacrifice (as well as the importance of committing acts of sabotage against infrastructure as a means of draining your enemy’s piggy bank). Ted Nugent for illuminating the superiority of venison and buffalo meat. Frank Sinatra for providing a soundtrack to my life. Jon Stewart for lowering the bar for comedy which in turn enabled me to get my first big break in show-biz.

Q: David Hasselhoff is conspicuously missing from your list.

A: Oh Yes, what was I thinking. Hassehoff is hero to all, a God among men.

Q: I wish this was an audio interview so that everyone could hear the biting tenor of your sarcasm. Sasquatch, do you ever watch television?

A: No, I have better things to do. Television is for those whom my associate Harry The Partridge would call ‘unlettered knob gobblers’.

Q: I heard you were approached with an offer to co-produce Woody Allen’s upcoming opera. Any truth to that rumor?

A: If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Q: Sasquatch, what do you think of all the 9/11 conspiracy theories floating around the internets?

A: Well, I must say, I’m ambivalent about the conspiracy crowd. On one hand, they’re one of the few groups that actually recognizes my existence (which I find quite flattering), on the other hand, they believe in a lot of nonsense like UFOs and the like. So as to the 9/11 conspiracy theories, I’m still somewhat on the fence. I find it hard to believe the government would have the competence to pull off such a feat. What I will say is that I’m certain WTC 7 was a controlled demolition. Does this mean that the US Government planned 9/11? Of course not. Tim Osman is surely to blame. Look, if the government had a brain, they would send ME out into those ungoverned areas in Pakistan to hunt down Bin Laden. A Sasquatch would be far more effective in that inhospitable region than special ops.

Q: I’m sensing some real frustration, Sasquatch.

A: It’s hard to be me. I can do it all, but nobody trusts me. If the government could get over it’s prejudices or at minimum extend something like the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to Sasquatches or Yetis, we would have captured Bin Laden a long time ago.

Q: Who do you like for 2008?

A: Joe Biden. You know he’s half-sasquatch, right?

Q: What’s the other half?

A: You’re a funny man.

Q: You’re rumored to be a connoisseur of fine cigars. Are you alarmed by the proposal to levy a $10/per stogie federal tax (a whopping increase over the current 5¢ tax) to partially pay for a children’s health insurance initiative which congress should have funded with money that was instead squandered on Iraq?

A: It does make a certain kind of logic. Who are these sick kids anyway? I imagine many of them are life-long cigar smokers. Who better to pay the tab than those cigar-smoking sick kids.

Q: Sasquatch, what do you think about Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk’s recent positive test for steroids.

A: It makes Baby Jesus cry.

Q: Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?

A: You’re looking at him baby, you’re looking at him. Wait. Ask me again.

Q: What?

A: Ask me again.

Q: Uh, who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?

A: Bill Clinton.

Q: Ok Sasquatch, I can dig it, and I know that you knew that I would. Let’s move along now. George W. Bush is scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy tomorrow and Dick Cheney will be temporarily left in charge. Scared?

A: Sounds like good news to me. Maybe they’ll find George Bush’s head.

News Flash: George W. Bush To Undergo Colonoscopy Tomorrow

"Maybe they'll find George Bush's head" - Sasquatch

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Rivals Are Unlettered Knob Gobblers By Harry The Partridge

Have you ever been practicing your craft and everything was flowing and coming together in the most splendid of ways. You were in the zone. That peak alpha state that each of us would occupy forever were it not fleeting by it’s very nature. Have you ever been so engrossed, eating and drinking suddenly find themselves burdensome un-necessities. Indeed, breathing itself becomes scant necessity, for in the throws of your passion (if you were to take notice) you would notice yourself holding your breath. Each second is as long as you need it to be and each proceeding one blends with the previous in the most seamless manner. The distance between your consciousness and your medium has shriveled to nothing. There is nothing in this space but creativity and creation.

And then some bloody tosser comes and interrupts you.

Such was my situation last night as I prepared my piece for Writing Rendezvous.

I will now place you there. As I described, I am really digging in, and presently, a boorish Australian badger barges into my den.

“What say you” I shout “for what purpose do you enter my abode?”

The clumsy creature approaches my desk and I rise to my feet, standing my ground.

“What say you” I repeat “under what authority do you claim entry to this private space?”

“I am here to assist you with the writing of your piece” says the badger “and I come bearing tea and a biscuit tin.”

“Bosh!” I hear myself remark.

[As I write this now, it does not escape my attention that in a round-about way, this scoundrel of a badger has assisted with my piece this week by giving me something to criticize. This irony, now noted, is hence rendered impotent lest any of my sharp-witted readership try to give me grief about it]

The detestable creature from Down Under is now leaning over my desk, glancing transparently at my draft.

This wretched badger is not the first creature to fancy himself an interlocutor in my most private of thoughts, but I decide that he will be the last.

As he opens his mouth to comment, I draw a revolver from my waistband and fire a single shot, delivering the badger to my carpeted floor.

As any civilized fellow would, I dispose of the carcass and have at the biscuits and tea.

The following day, I received a parcel with the word “bomb” written clumsily on one surface. It was accompanied by a note which read as follows:

You fuckwit partrage [sic]. U R a Dead BIRD!

I marked the parcel ‘return to sender’, and read the obituary several days later.

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