Monday, March 5, 2007

Randy "The Natural" Couture

Randy Couture began his Mixed Martial Arts career in 1997. For the past decade, he has set the gold standard for what MMA could and should be. Humble in victory and gracious in defeat, Couture has evolved to become one of the greatest athletes (not just in fighting or wrestling) of all time. He entered his most recent bout as the decided underdog, coming off of two knockout losses to light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and facing the 6'8, 265 pound heavyweight champion, Tim Sylvia. On March 3, at age 43, Couture thoroughly dominated Sylvia for five rounds to become the Ultimate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion. He is the only five-time UFC champion, and the only fighter to have held both the heavyweight and light heavyweight belt. I'm sure that JDog joins me in offering the warmest congratulations to Randy Couture, both on his recent victory and for all that he's accomplished throughout his career. However much longer Couture's career lasts, we MMA fans will continue to cherish all that he has done and continues to do for the sport.

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