Friday, March 16, 2007

Inspiration for Life by Best Selling Author and Life-Coach, Rex Larry Champion

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

I can't hear you!!

Are you ready to take it up a notch?

What's that you say? Yes?

Why on earth would you take it up a notch when you can take it up 20 notches. That's right. That's what I'm talking about.

Welcome to the RL Champion Ultimate Turbo 20-Notch System™.

Say goodbye to your old life. You have arrived.

Lesson one: Keep it Simple

To be a winner in life, there are three ingredients:
1.) The desire to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams
2.) My award winning books and tapes
3.) Professional laser tooth whitening, or better yet, Lumineers™

Lesson two:
There is no lesson two. Buy my book and all will be revealed to you.

You still haven't bought my book? That's ok. I'm going to do something really crazy and share the first 2 chapters with you, completely free of charge. Because I'm just that kind of guy.

Strap yourselves in and prepare yourself for the RL Champion Ultimate Turbo 20-Notch System™

Chapter One: Ultimate Action for Ultimate Potency and Performance

Do you hate your job? Is multilevel marketing making you blue? I know it was for me until I learned the BIG SECRET that changed everything, FOREVER!

Wouldn't it be great if you could:

• Fire your boss
• Work from home
• Go on vacations whenever and wherever you want
• Unlock the hidden power of TIMESHARE
• Harness the power of Ultimate Potency and Performance

To millions of guys, this is just a pipe dream. I know it was for me, until I learned the BIG SECRET that changed everything, FOREVER! There will be challenges along the way, no doubt. But for every dream snatcher, there is an opportunity to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH. That's where I learned my first lesson. It was during that time that I realized everything that could be, but wasn't. It was like I couldn't wait to burst out. There was a gigantic bulge coming off of me, just waiting to break free.

That's when I learned my second lesson, it wasn't about the BULGE, it was about the BURN, and ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE for ULTIMATE SATISFACTION. Once I discovered the Ultimate Secret, I started taking it up two, three, even four notches at a time. I was able to quit my job. I bought my first Porsche. And then the real opportunities began. You see, at that level it's all about maximum potency and nothing stops, it just keeps on moving and you can't stop. You need more and more. "The hunger is life and the challenge is the hunger to keep driving." It's the drive and the high-octane surge and the ultimate satisfaction that comes from knowing you're going to keep on going to take those notches down to take it up again and again. Tear them down and around and move over it. Pump it out. It's not what's under the hood, it's what's coming out of the vents. It's the pulse. Are you following me? Ok good, because we're just getting started.

Now I bet you're some kind of puny nancy boy, too scared to take it up a notch. That's where The System comes in. The RL Champion Ultimate Turbo 20-Notch System™

If you're sitting down I want you to stand up, because I want you to FEEL THE POWER. You can't experience ULTIMATE POTENCY and PERFORMANCE sitting down. That's like trying to throw a spit ball in the world series, you can't get away with it. You need to pump. Now what are your financial targets? Don't say it in your head, say it out loud. We practice a targeted approach to visualizing success in the RL Champion Ultimate Turbo 20-Notch System™ Now say it out loud. What are you worth? I can't hear you, nancy boy! What are you worth? Louder! What are you worth? That's all??? I made that last week. Now come on, go with the pump. Pump it out. How much money do you want this month, this year, for LIFE?

Ok, that should have been pretty intense for you. We're going to take a break and go into the cool down period. You should be sweating.

Now you should be ready for the next step in the RL Champion Ultimate Turbo 20-Notch System™

Chapter Two: Unleash the Beast Within

It's time.

No more excuses. You know the ones I'm talking about:

I'm too busy
I'm too tired
I'm injured
I'm sick
I'm too old
I'm too fat
I'm too ugly
I'm to dumb

Now I want you to do 20 pushups. With each pushup I want you to shout "no excuses" as loud as you can. If the neighbors cat can't hear you, you aren't loud enough. This exercise is a cornerstone of the RL Champion Ultimate Turbo 20-Notch System™. You should do this religiously. Do it every day while you are washing the car or shaving or picking your kids up from soccer practice. This step is the bread that holds the pudding together.

Excuses are like assholes, everyone has them and they all stink. You need to cleanse yourself of all excuses, get really nice and clean. Clean it out.

I bet some of you are thinking "how can I do pushups while I'm washing a car or shaving?". That's exactly the kind of negative thinking that I'm talking about. Do you think Buzz Lightyear would have been the first man on the moon if he had an attitude like that? Figure it out. Work it out. Pump it. Come on guys, it's not that hard. I don't want any excuses out of you.

"Nancy boys forever vanquish their own glory with words of defeat." I want you to remember that quote because we're going to come back to it.

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Jonathan said...

This reminds me of that great scene in This is Spinal Tap.

Nigel Tufnel: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...

Marty DiBergi: Oh, I see. And most amps go up to ten?

Nigel Tufnel: Exactly.

Marty DiBergi: Does that mean it's louder? Is it any louder?

Nigel Tufnel: Well, it's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at ten. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on ten on your guitar. Where can you go from there? Where?

Marty DiBergi: I don't know.

Nigel Tufnel: Nowhere. Exactly. What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?

Marty DiBergi: Put it up to eleven.

Nigel Tufnel: Eleven. Exactly. One

Marty DiBergi: Why don't you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?

Nigel Tufnel: [pause] These go to eleven.

Kick it up a notch.