Tuesday, March 6, 2007

News reports indicate the CIA has fresh evidence that Osama is hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan? Way too obvious.

Top Ten Places Osama Is REALLY Hiding

#10 The dimple in Kirk Douglas's chin

#9 The "tall" section at the Men's Big and Tall store

#8 The ladies restroom at a "Magic The Gathering" convention

#7 Civil War reenactment

#6 The library at Cal State Chico

#5 I think he tried to sell me an upconverting dvd player at Frys even though I don't have an HDTV

#4 Slumped over in a car in the West End of London, oh wait, that's George Michael

#3 The World Beard and Mustache Championship in Brighton

#2 Any place of cultural interest in Southern California

#1 The Screech sex tape booth at the Las Vegas Porn Expo

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