Monday, March 12, 2007

Say it aint so!

According to, Sylvester Stallone was charged in a Sydney, Australia court today after customs officials found him in possession of 48 vials containing hGH (human growth hormone). If convicted, the 60 year old actor faces a maximum fine of $22,000.

Wow, truly shocking. I never would have expected this from Sylvester Stallone.

This is one of those stories that is really almost pointless to report because well, we kind of knew it even before it happened. It's like rats at KFC/Taco Bell, Robert Downy Junior going into rehab, George Michael being found slumped over in car, or Ann Coulter making inflammatory remarks to sell a book. Tell me that Stallone ISN'T juicing and that will make my jaw drop.

You know what, this calls for a top-10 list.

Top ten stale news stories that shouldn't be news, which I am sick and tired of hearing about:

#10 North Korea promises death to the entire world but quickly backs down after Condi Rice calls and promises to import Mickey Mouse ice cream pops, James Bond memorabilia and Hennessy if they play nice
#9 Some morbidly obese person lost 500 pounds but still weighs 800
#8 A member of the Kennedy family did something stupid while inebriated
#7 Microsoft just released a buggy piece of crap that makes everyone's computer crash
#6 Some random foreign kids are throwing rocks at police, but we don't know where or why
#5 Cheech Marin was arrested for paraphernalia, using, growing, or selling
#4 The French said something arrogant
#3 Religious conservatives are griping about something that Bill Maher didn't say but that other religious conservatives said that he said
#2 Tom Cruise said some nonsensical Scientology shit, fueling further speculation that he is a homosexual
#1 Anything about anyone going into or out of rehab