Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breaking News: Putin Hits The Jackpot?

Aladdin's Castle (Sasquatch Wire) Vladimir Putin just won 500 tickets at Skee Ball. The de facto Russian dictator expressed momentarily delight before discovering he would need an additional 64,500 tickets to afford the glistening iPod Nano locked away in the arcade’s display case. Unsatisfied with the choices of a Chinese finger trap and an apple flavored Jolly Rancher, Putin traded the remaining 15,000 Rubles in his wallet for more tokens in hopes he could at least end the day with a Beanie Baby or at bare minimum, a Spiderman Pez dispenser. Russian expert Sasquatch warns the frustrated leader may resort to KGB tactics and return to the site after dark with plastic explosives to get that damned iPod.

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