Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Best Part of Waking Up is Indifference in a Waffle Cone

As MMA continues to ascend in the United States, more and more ratings grubbing blow-dried journalists are going to ignorantly take pot shots at the sport we all love. In the face of these attacks, I’m convinced there is only one thing that faithful MMA fans can do. Invoke human-animal combat. That’s right. Civilized peoples have always allowed for combat between men. The line between civilization and barbarism is demarcated clearly between those societies that allow only human-human combat and those which sanction man against beast. Next time an ignorant blowhard gets on TV and says “MMA is barbaric”, write a letter. Tell the bastard that the real ill tearing at the fabric of society is ‘roo boxing. Hopefully a light bulb will go off and he'll realize “hey, that’s a good point, MMA isn’t so bad after all.”

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